SMART Recovery International Seeks Executive Officer to Lead Addiction Recovery Initiatives

One of the fastest-growing global addiction recovery programs seeks a dynamic committed entrepreneur as its inaugural Executive Officer.  

Addiction recovery and quality of life

Join one of the world’s fastest growing addiction recovery program’s as its inaugural executive director

One of the fastest-growing global addiction recovery programs seeks a dynamic committed entrepreneur as its inaugural Executive Officer. SMART Recovery International (SRI) is a fledgling umbrella organization founded to oversee and promote the innovative and effective SMART Recovery addiction programs worldwide   This is an exciting opportunity for a dynamic, compassionate, highly-motivated and committed person with proven entrepreneurial skills.

The ideal candidate is self driven and thrives on bringing a wide range of stakeholders together to achieve growth and impact.  You will be comfortable working alone while supporting the new and talented SRI international board and working in partnership with the SMART Recovery offices in the US, UK and Australia — and other countries as they are added. The candidate we’re seeking is someone experienced in the global development and promotion of a start-up (or similar), is technologically savvy and can confidently secure the necessary funding to ensure that the organization is financially sustainable within three years. Relevant postgraduate qualifications, training and understanding of technology trends are highly desirable. The role will require some international travel.

SMART Recovery International (SRI) exists to provide worldwide oversight and support to SMART Recovery operations in all current member countries, as well as to foster the development of operations in new locations to grow SMART Recovery programs where they are most needed.

This position is ideal for a passionate advocate. If you’re inspired to make a tangible difference in the lives of people battling addiction, helping to eliminate stigma, encourage vulnerable people to seek help, and you have the required skills and experience please apply.

About SMART Recovery

SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) Recovery is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI) based program for people dealing with problematic addictive behaviors. It is delivered in a mutual-aid group setting and via online activities. SMART Recovery groups are facilitated by both professionals and peers (people recovering from their problematic behavior). The 4-Point Program® consists of: 1) Building and Maintaining Motivation; 2) Coping with Urges; 3) Managing Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors; and 4) Living a balanced Life. Using tools for each of the 4-Points has allowed many individuals to find recovery and embark upon stronger more fulfilling lives.

History of SMART Recovery 

SMART Recovery commenced in the United States in 1994. Today, registered SMART national organizations also operate in the United Kingdom and Australia. SMART Recovery has a growing presence in Canada, the Republic of Ireland, and Denmark. Currently, over 2,500 support meetings (face-to-face and online) take place across 22 different countries. This remarkable rate of expansion necessitated the establishment of a new worldwide body – SMART Recovery International – to govern the expanding number of countries representing the program at a national level.

Current Directors of SMART Recovery International 

Non – Executive Directors

  • Nadene Lee, Chair, CEO, Playgroup NSW
  • Madeline Dermatossian, Pacific Region COO, CBRE
  • Lorena Di Carlo, Vice President and General Manager, Neurology, Lundbeck

Directors appointed by the USA

  • Bill Greer, Communications specialist / SMART Recovery Non-Executive Director / SMART Recovery facilitator
  • Brett Saarela, Psychotherapist / SMART Recovery Vice President / UK SMART Recovery Non-Executive Director
  • Claire Saenz, Attorney / SMART Recovery facilitator
  • Mark Ruth, SMART Recovery USA Executive Director (ex-officio)

Directors appointed by Australia  

  • Jennifer Johannesen, Senior Associate, MARQUE Lawyers / SMART Recovery Australia Non-Executive Director
  • Tony Wales, Businessman and Philanthropist / SMART Recovery Australia Chairperson / SMART Recovery Non-Executive Director
  • Ryan McGlaughlin, SMART Recovery Australia Executive Director (ex-officio)

Directors appointed by the UK

  • Shiv Sharma, Engagement and Recovery worker
  • Angie King, UK SMART Recovery Executive Director (ex-officio)

Essential Candidate Requirements:

  • Impressive entrepreneurial skills and experience
  • A proven track record in fundraising with sound financial abilities
  • Solid understanding of good corporate governance desirably in running a not for profit/ charitable organization
  • Fluent with digital marketing strategies and a keen eye for new technological developments
  • Knowledge of strategic planning and product and service design
  • Confident and articulate networker
  • High-level communication skills
  • Comfortable working alone

The following skills are highly desirable

  • Successful volunteer and management experience
  • Experience in effective working relationships with Board of Directors – Chair and members
  • Extensive knowledge of the not-for-profit sector
  • Understanding of addictions and mental health issues

Work location:  The candidate will work from a home office (not required to be near existing SMART Offices).  Computer and mobile phone will be provided by SRI.

Salary:  US$66,500 per annum.

SMART Websites:

For more information, contact:  Mark Ruth, email:

Application close:  31 August 2018


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