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SMART Recovery Meetings are non-judgmental spaces where you can connect with others for mutual support. Run by trained facilitators, they usually run between 60-90 mins and are free to attend.

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Create the change you need with the SMART Recovery 4-point program

1 Build and maintain motivation

Change requires motivation. We’ll help you to find your motivation for change, and how to maintain that along your recovery journey.

2 Cope with urges and cravings

Urges and cravings are a normal part of recovery. We’ll help you find ways to manage them and support you even if you relapse.

3 Manage thoughts, feelings and behavior

We can help you to recognize and challenge the thoughts and beliefs that get in the way of change, by developing more balanced ways of viewing yourself and the world.

4 Live a balanced life

Once you are managing or have stopped a behavior, you might feel a sense of emptiness. We’ll support you to set achievable goals so you can enjoy a meaningful and enjoyable life.

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Whatever your background or location, our Multiple Pathway Partners offer a diverse range of services including clinical and other treatment services for addiction, mental health and more.

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