SMART Recovery to Be Featured in New Short Film

The first film to feature SMART Recovery as its treatment focal point.

People often wonder: Does art imitate life, or is it vice-versa?

When it comes to the realities of addiction treatment in America, perhaps it’s neither. This is particularly true of Hollywood and the filmed entertainment industry, which have typically shied away from making films about addiction. And in what few films they do make, the depiction of treatment options and methodologies is not accurate or up-to-date.

Simply said: Hollywood seems to be stuck in the 12-Step model of recovery.

A short look back at the prominent films made about addiction treatment and recovery proves the point. Movies like Clean & Sober with Michael Keaton, When a Man Loves a Woman starring Meg Ryan, 28 Days with Sandra Bullock, and last year’s A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper depict traditional 12-Steps rehab as the default and only effective treatment option for successful recovery.

Fortunately, as attendees at this year’s SMART Recovery National Conference will witness on September 20, that worldview has changed with the premiere of Authentics, the first film to feature SMART Recovery as its treatment focal point.

We asked Daniel Stine, the writer-director of the film, to tell us why he chose to highlight SMART Recovery in the storyline:

“SMART’s unique philosophy and hopeful approach to treating all types of addictive behavior deserve to be illuminated,” he said. “As a filmmaker, there is no better way to spread the word on such a worthy cause than to make a movie about it. It’s been an amazing collaborative process with SMART, and it was a wonderful challenge to create a story inspired by their empowering 4-Point Program®.”

Authentics is a 25-minute film that was shot in 4 ½ days with professional actors in and around Atlanta. The film is broken into four segments, each one inspired by one of SMART Recovery’s 4-Points.

Added Stine, “There is so much to say about SMART Recovery and what it can do for people, but I hope this short film brings to life some of the nuances of their philosophy through the characters and their dialogue. More people need to know about SMART Recovery’s message, and we need to remember that we all have the power of choice.”

Daniel’s company, Rising Act Films, has a unique mission: Create informative and eye-opening films for charities and social causes.

“Everyone has been touched by addiction in some way or another,” said Stine. “SMART Recovery not only reveals the light at the end of the tunnel for those struggling, but it provides them with tangible ways to get to that light. I hope this film not only captures a little bit of the SMART Recovery spirit, but I hope it introduces new people to what they are all about through the unique format of storytelling.  With this film, we hope to be a little part of SMART Recovery’s continual growth.”

The film will be premiered at the 2019 SMART Recovery National Conference, and then will be premiered for the general public on a variety of online platforms a few weeks later. Stay tuned for details!

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