[Podcast] The Luck of the Draw Led to SMART Recovery

Kevin Minnick is the SMART Recovery Regional Coordinator for Indiana. He is also a probation officer for Hancock County. 

In this podcast, Kevin talks about:

  • How being a professional golfer paid for his master’s degree in counseling 
  • Seeing an ad for SMART Recovery in an underground newspaper in the 1990s  
  • How working in the chemical dependency unit was luck of the draw 
  • Recognizing that many aspects of recovery were not being addressed in 12-step treatment programs
  • Challenging his supervisor that multiple options for recovery needed to be offered 
  • Taking a client-centered approach to the person’s recovery 
  • Being a clinical coordinator in the drug court  
  • How using SMART Recovery’s program shows results 
  • Incorporating the Successful Life Skills book into meetings 
  • Why to become a SMART Recovery facilitator  

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