[New Book Release] Successful Life Skills: A Meeting-Ready Format for InsideOut® Meetings in a Correctional Environment

SMART Recovery is pleased to announce the sale of our new publication! 

Successful Life Skills is a turnkey, meeting-ready format that trained volunteers can use to competently and confidently facilitate discussion meetings in a correctional environment.

The book lays out a flexible, robust 12-week approach that gives meeting participants proven life skills and helps them define their power to change behaviors that aren’t working for them. It also provides insights that can enhance social re-entry and reduce reconviction.

The book has:

  • The most popular SMART Recovery tools based on the latest feedback and documented behavioral science research
  • Updated approaches to topics within REBT, CBT, DBT, Locus of Control, Mindfulness, our Habit Loops, etc. in a concise array
  • Proven methods to explore many common upsets: anger, stress, depression, urges, and more
  • Discussions: The Nature of “Recovery” – What can your recovery look like?, and Who gets to say? – Who has the power in making decisions regarding recovery as we know it?

Although this book was created for the correctional environment, the authors now understand this format has the potential to support other SMART Recovery and science-based meetings. While it is more powerful in the hands of our experienced facilitators, it can be a helpful icebreaker for new meeting facilitators. With proper SMART training, it can also be used to augment 12-step group meetings and family support.

You can now find this book on Amazon and on the SMART Recovery website bookshop.

Special thanks to authors and SMART Recovery InsideOut® facilitators Charles True and Ron Lott for their contribution to SMART Recovery through the creation of this book. They have also dedicated this book and all its proceeds to SMART Recovery to support the organization’s next 25 years.

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