Promoting Positive Thinking

It’s not so much what you see, but how you see it.

That’s called your perspective.

Things are not always as they seem.

My mom told me as a child “Believe nothing you hear and half what you see”

storm_smartblogYour brain will try to make sense of everything that is going on around you, and collectively organize it, compare it to your past experiences,  and then catalog it.

Things that are in similar to each other are put into the same category in your brain. Your brain becomes wired… negative thinking, equals negative outcomes, positive thinking equals positive outcome.

Lets look at it like a storm, you see the lightning and then anticipate the thunder, or thunder with lighting, and foremost get startled. Our neurotransmitters in the brain travel at 268 miles an hour, that’s 10 times faster than an olympic runner. Like when you get scared or startled, it bypasses your thoughts and turns directly into an action or reaction, you jump, scream etc… I think that’s why I find it so funny because it’s an involuntary response to getting scared.

What I am trying to do is share with you that I believe the brain segregates not only your past experiences in life but also separates them from happy or pleasant experiences and bad or negative input that has been cataloged.

So let’s turn the lighting into a negative thought. That lightning area of the brain, again is waiting for the thunder, but it’s not thunder you hear, but negative feelings you feel. It’s a reaction to negative thinking, it’s our thoughts that automatically turns to emotions.

Negative attracts negative… Negative thought, negative feeling, which if not rationalized will turn into negative actions in your life. Your life becomes a storm, it’s forever raining, your perception is… that everyday is a shitty day.

Always, always look on the bright side of things. Positive thinking attracts a positive outcome. It’s that part of the brain that happiness comes from, Joy, Love and Peace. Thinking, Talking and
Communicating in a positive way, reinforces your emotions of Joy, Love and peace.

Years ago my response to negativity was to smash something or hide behind alcohol and drugs. I was in a way stuck in that part of the brain of negativity, everything seemed to be filled with hate, anger, and resentment.

It has taken me many years to turn that negative brain into a happy brain, it took changing my beliefs, my understanding, my thoughts, to finally be in that happy place in my life.

Positive Thinking creates a Positive outcome…

Happy Thoughts, Happy Heart, Happy Life…

Richard Henry
Educator, Author, Advocate.

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