Combatting Depression

A Workshop with Bill Knaus, Ed.D.
Friday, June 15, 2012, 6pm edst


SMART Recovery® is delighted to announce that on Friday, June 15, 2012 at 6:00 pm, highly renowned psychotherapist and author, Dr. Bill Knaus, Ed.D. will present an exciting new workshop entitled Combatting Depression.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most widely used psychological method for combatting depression, for one simple reason: it works. In this brief workshop, Dr. Bill Knaus will introduce you to cognitive, emotive, and behavioral techniques to overcome and prevent depression. He will share innovative, practical and evidence-based ideas from the second edition of his newly published The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression (New Harbinger, June 2012). This book is already receiving great acclaim, and may be the best of its kind. It has been endorsed by a former APA president, founders of psychotherapy clinics, professors emeritus, and psychotherapists who work with people suffering from depression. Often, depression and substance abuse go hand-in-hand. If you, a friend, or relative battles depression, don’t miss this presentation!

Bill is also famous for his work in helping people overcome procrastination. He originated the self-help movement in procrastination and has three bestselling books in this area. He has worked with thousands of people who were plagued by procrastination. He’ll add ideas on how to use anti-procrastination techniques to combat depression. An original director of post-graduate training in Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Bill directly helped train over 1000 professional counselors and psychotherapists. He’ll share techniques he taught therapists to help their clients overcome depression.

In addition, Bill originated rational emotive education, an evidence-based positive mental health program for kids and teens. He donated this outstanding program to the public. He is known by many in SMART Recovery as the author of The SMART Recovery Primer, a manual that helped launch SMART. This former professor has authored more than 20 books.

To Attend: You must be a registered member of SMART Recovery Online (there is no charge to register). Please register in advance. Once registered, you will be taken to the SMART Message Boards. Select the drop down menu. Then click on the menu item “SMART Recovery Chat and Meeting Rooms.”

A new chat window will open to give you access to our chat and meeting rooms. The workshop will be in “The SMART Room”.

Note: A microphone is not required for the workshop. You can listen and there is space in which to type questions and comments.

The webinar will be recorded and may be made available in podcast form on SMART Recovery’s
podcast site.

SMART Recovery is very pleased to be able to continue to offer these Special Events on topics
of interest as a public service. Please share with your friends, family and colleagues.

Photo Credit: Bill Knaus

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