Rating Scale

Tool Overview

Sometimes participants may lack the confidence to make a change, even though changing is important to them. When considering a participant’s readiness to change, it can be helpful to weigh up not only how important it is to them, but also how confident they feel about being able to achieve the change they want. Because this change is new, it is normal for people to lack confidence and fear failure.;

When to Use This Tool

The importance vs. confidence scale can be a helpful tool in determining how confident participants are in relation to how important the change is to them.

How To Use This Tool

This tool is useful for many reasons and can be used in a variety of ways, for example:

    • Readiness: How ready are you to change?

    • Importance: How important is that to you?

    • Confidence: How confident are you that you can do that / stick to that plan?

Example Scenarios

PDF 05/16/2023

The Importance VS. Confidence Scale Worksheet Example Scenario