SMART Multiple Pathways Partner Program

SMART Recovery is working to make multiple pathways, including SMART, fully available to individuals in communities around the country. To that end, we have developed a Multiple Pathways Partner Program to highlight organizations that have made a commitment to educating and supporting their clients in all of the mutual support pathways available to them. When you interact with an organization or provider that has signed on as a Multiple Pathways Partner, you can expect that you will be:

    1. Supported in choosing not to label yourself with a stigmatizing label (e.g., alcoholic, addict, etc.)
    2. Empowered to identify, locate and attend mutual support groups of your choosing, including SMART Recovery groups.
    3. Served by individuals trained in and using evidence-based practices consistent with those that are the foundation of the SMART Recovery 4-Point Program (i.e., cognitive behavioral and motivational enhancement theories).

In addition, because each partner organization is provided with complimentary SMART Facilitator training as a part of its participation in the program, you should be able to interact with someone at the organization who can provide specific support in aligning a therapeutic experience with the concepts discussed in SMART Recovery groups.

To see a list of the organizations that have joined the Multiple Pathways Partner Program, click here. [Site Being Developed]

Note: This program was implemented to facilitate the availability of SMART Recovery in more communities around the country as a service to our participants. SMART Recovery USA makes no warranty, express or implied, about the quality of the services provided by any participating organization.

Most communities are very familiar with the 12-step fellowships (AA, NA, etc.). To learn more about other mutual support group pathways, click on a link below:

    1. Celebrate Recovery (Religious)
    2. LifeRing
    3. Moderation Management
    4. Recovery Dharma (Buddhist-inspired)
    5. She Recovers (for women and non-binary individuals)
    6. Wellbriety (for members of Native American tribes/First Nations)
    7. Women for Sobriety (for women)
    8. Young People in Recovery (for individuals under the age of 30)

SMART Recovery in Australia

SMART Recovery commenced in Australia in 2004. It was piloted and trialled at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital to offer the community another recovery treatment option grounded in science. The pilot program’s success allowed SMART Recovery Australia to become an independent non-profit organisation in 2007. It also enabled SMART Recovery Australia to expand an evidence based program that works to all addictions, not just alcohol and other drugs. Today SMART Recovery Australia partners with over 75 organisations, running 250 groups and delivering 13,000 individual meetings to over 130,000 Australians.

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